Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive - New Patch v1.01.00

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Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive - New Patch v1.01.00

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Thank you for playing Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive™! We are always looking for ways to improve your gaming experience. For the latest information on the game, please go to the Matrix Games web site.

Below you will find the latest and greatest information on Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive™. Information in this document supersedes that in the official game manual.

Ensure that your system meets the minimum system requirements. These are found in the game manual. Also, ensure that you have the latest video and sound drivers available for your system. The vast majority of reported problems are resolved by upgrading all drivers to the latest versions.

If you are still experiencing problems with the game, please use our Ticket System or post in the Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive Support Forum. Please provide as much detail on your issue as you can.

To obtain optimum game performance, close all other applications before beginning a game.

A new patch (v1.01.00) for Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive has been released, and you can download it here

Change History:
v1.01.00 - 04th January 2022
• Probe is now receiving propper +150% Hitpoint bonus.
• Battlegroups now receive propper -15% on attack scores.
• Fuel bug with quite massive underconsumption is fixed.
• Fixed odds calculator for attacks from different height levels.
• Fixed landscape mouse-over for infantry att/def penalties (was using mortar instead of regular inf before)
• Improved logging in detailed combat window if an individual is firing on unseen positions
• FOW shading is now applied if hex hide >= hex effective recon instead of the old if 1 > effective recon
• If a unit has 6 or more different movement types some of them are grouped to not distort the user interface in the right side bar.
• Reworked the unit and hex right sidebar to be completely compatible with screen resolutions between 768 height and 800 height.
• The Integrity score in the bottom part of the UI gives a very comprehensive mouse-over now. This mouse-over includes info on the TOE of the unit.
• Improved the right sidebar unit weight & carry breakdown to handle some special cases better (horse and weird mix of carry and weight troop types (warnevada bug))
• Fixed a crash when you click on a HQ (link below unit name) of a unit that had not yet been deployed to map
• Fixed OOB tab to also show off-map HQs (and explicitly not crash when clicked upon)
• Showing unit’s total raw recon, zoc, stack and power points in unit sidebar now
• Additional rule: When it concerns regular combat the “max attacked” stat of an individual (if it concerns the defender) is increased by concentric bonus, increased by low readiness (max 3 times), doubled if individual is retreating, tripled if its attacked by enemy that is capable of doing (indirect) ranged fire. This additional rule will help you squash tiny but strongly fortified remnant units.
• Additional rule: If a unit retreats normally but the survivors are less than 50 power points breaking will be possible as well. Chance is linear thus at 25 power points of survivors there is a 50% chance that a BG breaks or a non-BG will have to pass the breaking rules. This additional rule makes small leftovers disappear faster and makes forming small BGs more of a hazard.
• Fixed engine problem that was not taking into account reduced supply request standard order.
• Revised rule: March mode doubles readiness expenditure, but maximum to 30 rdn per 100AP spent. Meaning in practice that only vehicles spend some more rdn when they have to drive further.
• Clarified rule: Troops that get transported by other troops get the unmodified rdn loss of their transporters. Meaning in practice that transported infantry by truck will get -10 rdn and not -30 rdn per 100 AP.
• Battlegroup/KG units can now be disbanded as well
• Made some fixes to canyon drawing option from height map library, however it will not be able to draw all possible situations still.
• Enemy supply prognosis (supply tab) now correct (it used to be presented to positive for the enemy)
• All scenarios version 1.0e;
• Updated libraries, maps and pdf;
• (Wacht scn) Revised KG Sandig,Hansen,Knittel disposition;
• (Wacht.scn) 2.Pzd,116.pzd,Pz.Lehr idle first turn;
• New German flag on maps;
• Fixed some maps names: (Clervaux,Mageret,Luzery,Targnon,Ortheuville,Bérismenil);
• Fixed Our River on Campaign map (medium);
• Fixed some German trooptypes descriptions;
• Added 5 recon points to all Armored Cars (new library 43);
• Campaigns Fuel Cards cost/delivery revised ( 50% / 40.000);
• German Trucks Card now with 80 trucks;
• Revised KG composition (more balanced tanks/troops/vehicles);
• Fixed 2.Pz.Division late 44 symbol;
• Fixed siluets for Bren Carrier, Humber,M8Scott;
• added more divisional symbols (BR 52nd, US 36,45,79,100,103,6c,20c,21c).
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