Tournament: "Timed out games" problem

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Tournament: "Timed out games" problem

Post by AshFall »


I have been half holding my breath waiting to see how you would solve this issue.

A couple of questions, and a problem statement to follow.

1. What is defined as a "timed out" game?
2. Is the game timed out and scored as "timed out" regardless of the ingame situation? (for example, the other player might simply stop playing once it is clear that the result will be an overwhelming victory for the opponent. If it is then timed out, the winning player would be lowered from 90 base vps (for a decisive victory) to 75 if I understand right).

As it is the 1944 scenario well defines the problem otherwise.

It is nearly impossible to win as the axis, the battle is to determine whether the allies score a decisive or operational victory, and the cicumstances around it.

That means that your best possible base vps with nothing else added is 90vp (for a decisive win in your allied game) and 20vp (for an operational allied win in your axis game).

Currently a double time out awards a total of 150vps to the non offending player.

This should, in my opion, be at absolute most the base max vps expected in the scenario, or some approximation thereof. In this case 110vps.

Playing your games to the end should always be better than being awarded two byes.
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RE: Tournament: "Timed out games" problem

Post by Hubert Cater »

Hi AshFall,

Thanks for your questions and you'll have to bear with me a bit here as I only interface with the server to have it run the applicable campaigns for the tournament. How the server works exactly, and how it determines the time out penalties I unfortunately do not have access to.

1) From what I understand the server has an internal formula it uses to determine if players have played enough turns and in a timely manner for the match to not be flagged as 'timed out'. It could be that this is simply not publicly shared (even to me) in order to limit those that will attempt to 'game' the system.

2) The player that 'times out' will have their score penalized regardless of the in game situation as the server doesn't really know what is happening in game, other than the scores that are sent to the server. The idea for the tournaments is for both players to play their turns to completion for each round. If you are in the lead and stop playing, and then time out, you will be penalized with a time out and have your current score penalized. If on the other hand, your opponent has stopped playing, then their score is penalized while your score should remain untouched.

* * *

Ideally both sides play to completion and yes the score for one side as Axis, at least in the 1944 campaign, is likely to be lower, than for the other match when you are Allied. Granted a double time out will provide a BYE score of 75 for each match, and really we just had to pick a reasonable number and go with it. It's hard for it to be perfect across the board, for all cases, yet at the same time we didn't want players that wanted to play but their opponents were no shows, to be overly penalized either as a result.

The other issue is we can only set one BYE value and it has to work for both matches as a "best fit", otherwise yes we could have had a BYE score that was a bit lower for the Axis side at least for the last round as suggested.

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