Good game?

Empires in Arms is the computer version of Australian Design Group classic board game. Empires in Arms is a seven player game of grand strategy set during the Napoleonic period of 1805-1815. The unit scale is corps level with full diplomatic options

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Good game?

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Is this game worth buying? I like strategic level games and am interested in Napolenic era. I like a good pbem community, AI isn't make or break for me but should be ok. Is the game well supported with bug fixes and such?
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RE: Good game?

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Welcome. I think if you review the recent forum posts here that you'll find the answers are yes. EIA is an excellent grand strategy Napoleonic wargame. There have been numerous bug fixes, game enhancements, and AI improvements over the past several years. There are PBEM games ongoing and Maple Leaf just posted above about starting a new game. Code development continues. I do what I can.
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