Finally got MWIF

World in Flames is the computer version of Australian Design Group classic board game. World In Flames is a highly detailed game covering the both Europe and Pacific Theaters of Operations during World War II. If you want grand strategy this game is for you.

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Finally got MWIF

Post by rommel222 »

Greetings to All,
Bit the bullet and finally purchased MWIF. Really impressed by the maps & unit icons.
The tutorials are the best I have ever seen for any pc game.
Enjoying the Barbarossa scenario to learn the basic game system.
I appreciate the comments in the forums and the good continued support of MWIF.

As I am close to 70, the maps and counters are easy on my one good eye (almost blind in the other).
I will be retiring in a year, from college teaching, and then spend much more time with the game
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RE: Finally got MWIF

Post by gw15 »

Welcome to the game. It is a work of art and the write ups on each unit are fantastic.
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RE: Finally got MWIF

Post by Courtenay »

Welcome aboard.

If you have any questions, just ask. We have answers.

Some of the answers are even correct. [:)]
I thought I knew how to play this game....
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RE: Finally got MWIF

Post by juntoalmar »

Congratulations and welcome to the club.

I agree, the tutorials and manuals are the best I've ever seen. Most of the wargames need to be learnt by someone's tutorials on the internet, but this game can be completely understood with the manuals and PDFs provided.

Just a tip, don't try to learn everything at once. Start with Barbarossa with land movement and combat and avoid reading anything else (naval, US entry, etc...). Then try and add new features one by one.
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RE: Finally got MWIF

Post by Orm »

Greetings rommel222.

And welcome to the world of MWIF.

I think that the 14 training videos that Steve made are a great help in learning to play MWIF.
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RE: Finally got MWIF

Post by Centuur »

Another one who's going to get addicted to this one? Welcome...
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RE: Finally got MWIF

Post by rkr1958 »

Welcome! As a fellow retiree I can attest that MWiF is more than enough to fill your growing free time. [8D]
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RE: Finally got MWIF

Post by PJL1973 »

I've just bought this as well. The steep price for the game had always put me off from buying this. But the massive discount in the holiday sale really gave me no reason not to buy.
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