Piecemeal High Tech production

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Piecemeal High Tech production

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but it feels worth bringing up as such. When you discover Hi-Tech Industry, the blurb reads "We know how to produce high-tech items, but only piecemeal. We'd like to propose to research a way to mass produce these items." However, unlike machines, you can't produce high-tech piecemeal - until you get the industrial asset you can only find or buy them. I'd always assumed this was intended - that they represented tech lost with dissolution - but the discovery blurb has me questioning that, and in any case the ability for the market to produce them is odd if small-batch manufacture is impossible.
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RE: Piecemeal High Tech production

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In fact the market is not producing them, the market has got them from private archeological digs and surviving high-tech staches.

And you are right the blurb is misleading. I will change the text for the next patch.

Thanks for reporting. Best wishes,
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