Belligerent Allies

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Belligerent Allies

Post by ralaric »

Hi, hope this is the best place to report.

Really enjoy the game, thanks for all your work.

1) I recently played an MP game where my opponent spent the first half of the game consecutively invading every minor they could as the UK. Portuguese East Africa, Yemen, FEA, Guinea... all of Africa that they could. I think they were preparing to DoW Portugal too :D. This had no apparent impact on US mobilisation that I noticed.

When the US entered in late '41, they continued with this strategy, invading minors in the Caribbean.

As this had no tangible malus, I think if I'd continued the game, convoys to the USSR would have been large, as well as the general MPP received and NM increase, although I don't understand that mechanic.

I raise because it seemed beyond the pail, and unrealistic. So I wondered if it warranted a fix. Don't get me wrong, it was amusing as well as perplexing!

2) While I'm here: My game sometimes crashes, particularly when selecting aircraft and aircraft carrier attacks. I see the red line connecting to the target unit and then CTD.
I'm playing on a bootcamp install of Windows on a 2011 MacBook if that helps.

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RE: Belligerent Allies

Post by BillRunacre »

Hi ralaric

1) It looks as though we will need to add some more scripts, as there are already plenty in place to discourage Allied declarations of war against neutrals like that, but not for the countries you've mentioned.

In terms of the ones in the Caribbean, the US should be receiving a penalty of 2,500 National Morale points for each declaration of war in this area, so their aggression is not without cost.

2) Is there an error message that appears when this happens?

This should be in the errorlog.txt file that can typically be found here:

C:\Users\[Your User Name]\Documents\My Games\Strategic Command WWII - World at War\ERROR

There may also be a save file from when it crashes, which we might need for investigative reasons.

Do you have any graphical mods enabled while playing, and does turning them off make any difference?
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RE: Belligerent Allies

Post by HarrySmith »

Yes I agree I think this should affect US mobilization in a negative way.
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RE: Belligerent Allies

Post by SittingDuck »

Here's the problem. The UK could be worse than Nazi Germany in invading in the game, and Japan is gonna knock USA over the head and NONE of that matters.

I do think there are some real issues here. In the adherence to historical flow, there is not the real opportunity for some things to go completely off the rails - as they would have if they occurred.

Like very unlikely USA actually joins UK if they had done all that. They would likely have focused on Japan, because who wants to save a UK like that?!?
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RE: Belligerent Allies

Post by SittingDuck »

Even if USA intervention stays down, if Japan kicks the doors down it is all over.

I think this demonstrates the inherent issue with the Axis = 1, Allies = 2, Neutral = 0.

It's black/white.
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