HypOps: Russia vs. US - Breaking the S-400

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RE: HypOps: Russia vs. US - Breaking the S-400

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Just wanted to let you know you can actually download these scenarios yourself over at the HypOps discord. You should be able to adjust it yourself then if you want to.

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RE: HypOps: Russia vs. US - Breaking the S-400

Post by Sharana »

My point is that long-range, active-seeker equipped 40N6 shouldn't be used against SBD-II or another simple to intercept aims.

Even when not firing means letting them through to destroy the said S-400 and other targets? I beg to differ, IMO any type of missile will fly in such saturation type of attacks - that's the point. 40N6 wouldn't be the primary candidate as intercept weapon, but when it's the only type left you bet it will launch. Not to mention that S-400 wouldn't have been 100% loaded with 40N6s only, that's beyond unrealistic.

As for the rest, you clearly didn't get the point of the video (as in the case it was trying to make) - you just get triggered when "blue vs red" doesn't go according to your internal feelings of how it should go and start offtopic with the very typical "runet" way of adding more assets (to red side only obviously), future assets etc. With such narrative it's very hard to have a proper discussion...
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