WiTE2(steam)(v1.02.12_Beta) Random App Exit

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WiTE2(steam)(v1.02.12_Beta) Random App Exit

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Turn 5, German vs Soviet AI

Had just completed German Air Phase.

Started on German movement. Had moved a couple of RR and conducted rail repairs.

Had clicked on another unit. Windows doing its spinny cursor thing.

And the application just exited. I had assumed a CTD.

But no, nothing the Windows Event Log, nor was a .dmp file created.

Game appears to have just exited on it own.

I have nothing to really share, but to just log the issue and be aware.
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RE: WiTE2(steam)(v1.02.12_Beta) Random App Exit

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Did a crash dump file get created? You can find them in the folder Users/"your name"/AppData/Local/CrashDumps. If you find one, zip it up and attach it to your post. Thanks.
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