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Draw Tools

Post by SonnyJim »

Co-ordinating and maintaining C2, would be greatly aided by a basic set of draw tools. I'm thinking of - some lines, free-form lines and shapes, basic shapes and the ability to label them with text.

With these tools a player could note formation boundaries, report lines, lines of defence and other planning objectives.

These tools should remain until deleted and have the ability to hide to avoid clutter if the player needs to have an unobstructed view.

Thanks so much and love this game.
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RE: Draw Tools

Post by actrade »

+1 great idea. Not sure if it could be easily done, but to have the ability to draw attack axis lines, notes etc would help a bunch.
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RE: Draw Tools

Post by TallBlondJohn »

+1 Yes please. With a way to show higher-level formations on the map like the way the air screens work?
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RE: Draw Tools

Post by fulcrum28 »

+1 good idea
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RE: Draw Tools

Post by supersixfour »


Just like how in air missions the flight patch gets drawn between the staging base and target hex, general map drawing tools could use the same mechanic.
You select end point and starting point hex and a line would be drawn, with draggable adjustment points along the way.
Several line styles could be selected: colour, solid/dashed/dotted, thickness
or boundary lines:
------XXXXX----- for army group
------XXXX----- for army
------XXX----- for corps

Something like this (ignore the numbers, coordinates etc.)
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RE: Draw Tools

Post by rocketman71 »

I have thought about this before for WITW but never came around mentioning it. Good idea. Would be a great tool.
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RE: Draw Tools

Post by TallBlondJohn »

Well this was what I had in mind:

https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.a ... 2365533%3B

Situational map generator, driven off the Commander's report. Press a button and the map is shown with the higher formations shown by big labels (like the AOG labels). Click label to highlight all the subordinate formations. This map layer also holds the drawing tools, so you can add (auto-generate?) the boundaries if you like. Then you can start drawing your attack/defence plans. A simple text label tool would be nice too (Super-depot here!).

This isn't just eye-candy, in any campaign at least twice I draw up a map of everything and sit down to carefully plan what I'm going to do next, with alternates and options. Shame OKH didn't think of that in August 1941.
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RE: Draw Tools

Post by benpark »

Absolutely agree to the suggestion to draw arrows/defensive lines, etc. Organization is the name of the game, and this would help as a toggle. Color code movement lines with force colors, etc.
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