LUA Command to Drop Contact

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LUA Command to Drop Contact

Post by tmoilanen »

How do you drop a contact via LUA?

I created a Unit Remains in Area Trigger for x time, after which the airfield group changes to the red side via the code below. The airfield still remains as a contact on the red side after this event, and I would like to add syntax that drops the contact.

Code: Select all

local myside = 'AIRCOM'
 local mynewside = 'VKS'
 local myname = {'Kirkenes Airport'}
 for i = 1, #myname

Any help would be appreciated.
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RE: LUA Command to Drop Contact

Post by KnightHawk75 »

Once you get the contact wrapper from the side in question's perspective you can just call wrapperVar:DropContact();

local c = GetContact(side='oldside',guid='TheContactGuidHere') --reminders it's not the same as unit guid.

While back you can find example of something similar: (#10 shows cleaning up the contact)
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