Accumulated Political Points

Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive is the fourth wargame in the Decisive Campaign series. Covering the battles in the Ardennes between December 1944 and January 1945, it brings to life Operational wargaming by lowering the scale to just above tactical level.

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John S
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Accumulated Political Points

Post by John S »

When you pull down the “cards” section, my understanding is that these cards require political points in order to use them. I know that in the “Reports” section you are told how many political points you earned this turn. My understanding from play is that the unused political points must accumulate each turn.

My question is - where can you identify how many political points you have accumulated so far? In other words, in west wall the allies tend to get 12 political points per turn. By the sixth turn, I have used some political points but have not kept track of how many. How do I determine how many I currently have available to spend?
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RE: Accumulated Political Points

Post by okeefe »

Its in the corner of the screen.
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RE: Accumulated Political Points

Post by JohnSiv »

Got it. The "PP" near the temperature on the main screen. Amazing how you can sometimes search and search and not see something staring you in the face. Many thanks.
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