Order of Battle – Winter 2021/2022 Tournament

Order of Battle is a series of operational WW2 games starting with the Pacific War and then on to Europe!

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Order of Battle – Winter 2021/2022 Tournament

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We are pleased to announce a new public tournament:

The Winter 2021/2022 Tournament


To enter, go to the tournament page and sign up HERE
The tournament follows Swiss Tournament rules: you can find the full list of rules HERE

The first round will commence on Thursday, December 9th, 2021 at 12:00 am UTC. No further entries can be accepted after the tournament has begun.

You will challenge other players in three different scenarios:

1 - Crescent Bay: Japanese and American forces clash with Land, Naval and Air forces around a fictitious natural harbour area
2 - Wake Island Assault: The famous invasion of Wake Island by Japanese Marine forces. Can the outnumbered American forces throw them back into the Pacific?
3 - Peninsula Invasion: British forces defend a vital rail link from Japanese forces in a fictional precursor to the Burma Invasion

The Tournament will last 3 rounds, each lasting 15 days. Games are paired, so each matchup will be played both ways.
All you need to do is sign up. You will be notified by mail of when the tournament is starting and when it will be time to play your turns.
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RE: Order of Battle – Winter 2021/2022 Tournament

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Never mind.
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