Ship's Radar On/Radar Off

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Ship's Radar On/Radar Off

Post by DWReese »

This is a strategy question pertaining to the actual use of radar.

I have a Soviet Task Group transiting enemy waters. NATO knows that they are there. Since their position is known, I have set their radar units to ACTIVE via the Doctrine. But, is that the best way to handle this?

NATO sends out SEAD aircraft, and because the Soviets are ALL active, the SEAD units conduct a large scale attack using just HARMs and essentially wipe out the Task Group without even having to launch any Harpoons, other missiles, or bombs. The ACTIVE radar says, "Here I am, now come and get me." And, with the standoff range of 70 miles, the attackers aren't even challenged.

So, how do I keep from getting all of my ships destroyed?

First Option: I could assign just ONE SHIP to have its radar on so that the Task Group isn't blind? Is that a real tactic that is used? Certainly, it wouldn't be much fun for that one ship, but it would allow the rest from being targets. At least initially, anyway.

Second Option: The downside to what I just suggested is that as soon as the HARMs are detected, the game's AI is going to turn on the radar units for ALL of the rest of the units anyway, so does this tactic even make a difference? This argument would suggest that you might as well leave them on.

Third Option: (Really an extension of the first.) I could set up a picket ship, but after the picket ship dies, then you are right back where you started, less one ship.

So, scenario designers: Do you turn some of the ship's radars on, and leave others off? DO you just turn them all on? Do you turn them all off?

(Please don't tell me about having land-based aircraft, and other assets involved for air look-outs as I would like to keep the discussion based solely on this specific topic.)

So, given this situation: All radars on? One radar on? No radars on? What does real life say?

For game purposes, assuming that you would try just just have one unit with a radar on, would you set the group to OFF, but manually turn that one specific ship's radar's on? Again, when under attack, all of the ships would likely turn on all of their radars anyway, thus making this topic a moot point.

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RE: Ship's Radar On/Radar Off

Post by thewood1 »

I use one or two radar pickets far enough off the HVUs to not allow LOB weapon launches to have a chance at a lucky shot. I usually separate them from the main group, but have their position aligned to the HVUs. If they have helicopters, I will use them to extend the detection capability of both the picket and/or the HVU. I use this for my own approach and for any AI side I'm building. Timeframe can make a difference sometimes due to the radar and anti-radar technologies.

Picket ships have to be looked up on as expendable in the long-term, but defensible in the short-term.
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