WpnLogic - Excessive logging of no targets

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WpnLogic - Excessive logging of no targets

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Issue: Excessive logging of weapon logic messages related to no targets available.

When a weapon (in the sample a guided weapon WITH connected comms) runs into the case of ' no eligible alternative target to be redirected to', it is being logged multiple times per second, per weapon. This leads to hundreds of log entries in both the gui and the sessions file log in a matter of seconds, more if there are then couple missiles in this state. It stops when either comm-link is lost, or weapon finally impacts surface\peters out etc.

att:WpnLogic_5104602.zip (scene + sample session log file)

Repo - Play the attached, run through it with the message log open. It should (short of malfunction variance) start happening with either MOB3 or MOB4 (targeted at the MOB), if not due to malfunctions you'll see it with LAW2. RHIB2 is a disconnected AGM-84k Slammer, it highlights that wpns who have out-run their comm-links range don't trigger it after they have broken-link. One way or another you should end up with a couple thousand weapon-logic entries covering just a handful of missiles in a few minutes time.

Is there a way to at least limit the messages per-unit amount to 1 per-second (instead of what seams per pulse/evaluation)? If not can we get a option to disable logging these messages? (they can be helpful but not at like 10-15 per second per munition)

Version: 1147.36 + db3k491
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