Trophy conversion problem

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Trophy conversion problem

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Captured soviet tanks and artillery can be converted to Axis weapons (T-34B Pz.747(r), T-60 M1941(Rum), Pak36(r), sFH396(r), GrW274(r) etc). In Ground element table we can see which tanks or guns are needed for this. But the conversion is carried out without any reference to the availability of the necessary equipment among the trophies.
Converting the T-34 M1941 to T-34B Pz.747(r) or F-22 to FK36(r) Field Gun - max import 1300 Guns - does not reduce the number of T-34 or F-22 in the trophy pool and the complete lack of T-60 tanks among the captured equipment does not prevent them from being converted into Romanian T-60 M1941 from october 1941.
Artillery is being converted into German models even more widely than armor and again without any connection with the amount of captured Soviet equipment.
I would like the equipment to be removed from the trophy pool during the conversion as is upgraded chassis or when tanks and aircrafts are exported from Germany to minor allies.
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