Malta Besieged!

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Malta Besieged!

Post by boldairade »

How does one go about resupplying Malta if it's being blockaded and there are lots of Axis bomber sqns in the area?
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RE: Malta Besieged!

Post by heliodorus04 »

You have to station a fighter on Malta to defeat blockade bombers
If you're dealing with blockade ships then you would station a naval-capable aircraft and send in sorties of your aircraft carriers. In the long run, the Italian economy and navy cannot compete with the UK economy and navy, and so the UK holds the keys to the outcome on Malta. The UK should out-damage the Italians in the air and in the sea. But diverting ships to Malta can create problems other places.
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RE: Malta Besieged!

Post by stjeand »

Cheapest way...
You have 6 AA there and you move some ships there. Just one ship or sub in port will give you supply.

Not always the best options unless you want to lose that ship as it is likely to be bombed into the stone age.
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RE: Malta Besieged!

Post by AlvaroSousa »

You can also park a fleet next to the port that will prevent the blockage for that turn. But you could be attacked.
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RE: Malta Besieged!

Post by ncc1701e »

Don't worry about the Axis bombers. Naval Air Training is not terrifying any fleet.
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