WitW Editor Manual

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WitW Editor Manual

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I've attached a copy of the WitW Editor manual for those interested. Although there are differences between the two editors, they are similar enough that having the WitW editor manual is likely to help someone interested in using the editor. I'll include a copy of this manual with the next update I send out. I can't say if/when we will get a similar document written for WitE2, as that greatly depends on if we find someone interested in doing the job. Until then, continue to post your questions in the Scenario Design and Modding sub-forum.

The WitE2 editor is undergoing a facelift now, although it's been delayed by the need to finish the Steam version and some work on a few bugs and game issues. The timing of the completion of the editor work will greatly depend on how many other game issues come up that require attention in the next month or two. We appreciate your patience.
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RE: WitW Editor Manual

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Thank you. I already have it but others may find it useful.
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