Equipment failures, repairs

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Count Sessine
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Equipment failures, repairs

Post by Count Sessine »

Hi guys

I'm reading the Falklands book by Max Hastings and strikes me that one aspect missing in most CMO scenarios (I'm playing through Red Tide) is 'stuff that doesn't work at this time for various reasons'.

I mean the whole operation is filled with anecdotes about Sea Wolf systems being offline, systems re-booting at critical moments, Invincible operating on one propeller the whole war etc etc. It's obvious that with that many interlocked mechanical systems, some will break down. The images of smoking Russian ships being towed along by tugboats also comes to mind..

Also, the book talks at length about how night operations were limiting in various ways - even in the 1980's. Another detail missing from most CMO scenarios.
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RE: Equipment failures, repairs

Post by stww2 »

I'm pretty sure equipment failures for modelled components (sensors, radios, engines-anything that can be damaged by weapons in Command) can be modelled via Lua if the scenario designer desires. One scenario where equipment malfunctions come into play is Kushan's excellent "El Dorado Canyon" (check the CSP). The F-111's undergo an equipment check just before they begin the strike, and if there are any failures the aircraft have to abort. USN aircraft undergo an equipment check while they are being readied and several may end up with maintenance issues and set to unavailable as a result.

As for night operations, you can always choose to enforce those limitations yourself by not launching aircraft with "Day-Only" loadouts at night time. Not to say this is a perfect or comprehensive solution but I personally think it does make the game slightly more interesting.
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RE: Equipment failures, repairs

Post by JFS737 »

It's another level that could be added. Then, to be "fair" we would have to "rate" all the nations based on their professionalism, budget, history... etc. Would be like making your opponent skill level high or low. Right now, the U.S. might be fairly high in skill but low or mid in maintenance (flat funding).

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RE: Equipment failures, repairs

Post by thewood1 »

The Sea Wolf issue is one of the reasons its hard to exactly simulate the Falklands. That and the unreadiness at the beginning of the battle should be somewhat unpredictable. Its the general issue with reproducing historical results in an open sandbox simulator.

There was also a discussion on this several years ago. It was suggested to use proficiency as the mechanism. But even then, its hard to know how much of an impact it should have and how much it should be predictable.
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RE: Equipment failures, repairs

Post by Gunner98 »

A scenario designer can build in random or planned breakdowns but its generally not done. Collisions are another thing not modeled but it could be (or the effect of it) by using lua.

I for one don't. No real reason, just haven't. I do tend to add tasks to send ships back to port, or have them start separated in a port somewhere - but that is fairly lame really.

As others have said, there are a lot of factors, age of the ship (or heaven forbid aircraft), proficiency of the crew, nearness of a support ship to replicate a rapid replacement of a spare part, weather, number of continuous days at sea, number of engagements, general speed sustained etc etc etc...

I think it would be a HUGE ask to have something built into the game to randomize this (as at least one version of Harpoon did) and it would result in a never-ending series of gripes and groans.

I do believe that we designers could do a better job of it, but then again, getting to grips with it is not easy.

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