Air - AA and op losses

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Air - AA and op losses

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Gradually getting to grips with the game - oh but the air war is a horror...So many buttons to press and you do not even know what the consequences are of altitude controlled to fine degrees, load outs etc. No explanations I can see.

Surely only city fixed heavy AA should fire at aircraft passing over they would be looking from them. AKA Europe 44/45.

AA units within land units should only fire within the game if the unit is attacked. I do not agree with the concept as it stands where every flak unit is firing everywhere. Also seem far too powerful when they do fire.

Operational losses seem far too high all the time even when the planes fly short distances. This combined with the flak actually probably makes air units totally useless. It seems to me it's just not worth flying them.

In this game you do not need an Air Force you just build loads of anti aircraft units - job done.

Hope this all gets looked at.
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