Streaming to no one

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Streaming to no one

Post by JWW »

I just happened to see this gaming related article and thought it might be a good change of pace. It is about the thousands of gamers who regularly stream to audiences of zero or almost zero and why they do it. I guess I am too old to follow streaming and to enjoy watching people play games. I've learned to watch youtubes to help play some games, but they are mainly people like DasTactic. And I never watch anyone streaming live. But that's just me. Though I will watch Tea Time with Slitherine on Facebook. Anyway, here is the story.

Streaming to no one.
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RE: Streaming to no one

Post by ThomasJay »

I'm the same as you as far as what I've watched, and never the slightest urge to stream myself. It's definitely a generational thing. A 'why' they don't address in the article which I suspect is a motivation for not all but many of the hundreds of low audience streamers is the desire to grow their audiences, monetize and gain 'influencer' status.
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RE: Streaming to no one

Post by Freyr Oakenshield »

Sometimes it's simply some sort of exhibitionist desire, or simply an attempt at promoting the games in question--not necessarily commercial but more like "hey, look at me, I'm playing this $^&%*, why don't you get it and play it too".
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RE: Streaming to no one

Post by Zap »

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RE: Streaming to no one

Post by ElvisJJonesRambo »

At the beginning of this horrific, pandemic, I actually gravitated to watching Live Gaming. Agree, that small time players get no audience, so is life. It's a choice what content viewers want to watch. For me, found myself betting on eSports, eGames of all types of games. How the game is streamed, skill of players, and announcers is a critical part. It's no different than watching soccer or football.
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