[1.09.07] Zone merge doesn't work

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[1.09.07] Zone merge doesn't work

Post by Emx77 »

I'm trying to merge one zone with another. After I call Governor and confirm order, population happiness drops, PP are substracted but nothing else happens - zone is still there. On the next turn it is a same story. I have tried to merge different zones but unsuccessfully. It seems that merge function is broken.

Save game is on following Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjkbjn5qdafr0 ... 4.se1?dl=0
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RE: [1.09.07] Zone merge doesn't work

Post by zgrssd »

Merging Zones required a Roll. Command I think?
And depending on how hard it failed, only a fraction of the population goes over.
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RE: [1.09.07] Zone merge doesn't work

Post by Vic »

There is a glitch indeed. You are sure (96%) to have rebel against merger with this order, but due to glitch this is not shown properly in preview in the decision. Get loyalty higher and it will work.
Will make fixes for next patch

thanks for reporting
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