Suggestions Megathread

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Suggestions Megathread

Post by Clux »

Welcome to the megathread of suggestions, the goal of this post its to keep everything in order and easily accessible to Vic and other users.

Disclaimer, the "effort needed" to change something its completely subjective and doesn't mean by any way how much time/work would take in order to be done, also Vic has his own agenda where he could have some of the following suggestions already noted and he could add some of them later.

Feel free to leave in the comments any link to your suggestions, following the next format: (No need to colorize the text)

[Effort needed] [Name of the post]

For example:

[High] [Letting allies cross their own borders]

[Low] [Changes to aircraft ammo consumption]

Don’t know how much effort would it take your suggestion to be implemented? These indicators could help you:
Low Effort:

• Requires only changing stats (firepower, weight, ammo consumption, etc.)

• Requires changing to formation logic (letting other units be used, for example mgs and quad mgs are interchangeable)

Moderate Effort:

• Requires several changes to game logic (Adding a public resource trade system, letting allies trade food for metal, or any other resource directly)

• Letting players re-roll the post-apocalyptic planet generation phase

High Effort:

• Overhauling the spy system (adding lots of spy ops, like assassination, sabotage, steal of techs discoveries/research)

• Adding a “custom planet” option (letting players use sliders to better accommodate their needs)

Low Effort suggestions:

* Early Aircraft use and airbase build times

* PBEM - Enable coordinating plans on the strategic map

* Linear Research Notifications

* Private Fortification I-III for minors

* Tidally Locked World Class

* Rename Specific Model Iterations

* Aircraft Target Selection + AT Rebalance

* Nuclear Defense

* OHQ Commander prestige

* Ammo Factory

* Epoch Length

* Tanks should be able to entrench

* Energy Anti-Tank Guns

* Mountain Troops

* Soft / Hard type indicator in the units info

Moderate Effort suggestions:

* Design Model Suggestion

* New Hotkeys

* Late Game Crisis

* Wide Area Shields should protect assets

* Captured Equipment and POW

* Autocannos, ATGMs and IFVs

* Making Smaller artillery (and tank guns) Interesting

* Tank Speed should matter in combat

* Anti-Missile Units

High Effort suggestions:

* Model Development

* OBB Suggestion (overhaul to OOB system)

* Armor and Enviromental Protection Rework

* Infantry Design/Heavy weapons rework

* Planet Editor

* Too many OOBs

If you feel like your post would require more or less effort, or not being included in this post, let me know in the comments or by message in discord (same nickname)

Also, as a record I’m going to keep a list of features requested by the community that were added later on

Suggestions than were put ingame (That I'm aware of)

* Fortifications

* Small arms rebalance

* Making trucks great
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RE: Suggestions Megathread

Post by Vic »

Nice! thanks for listing all these
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