Russians don’t move into Poland

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Russians don’t move into Poland

Post by smckechnie »

This maybe a question for the developers, but does anyone know how much mobilization that Russia loses from moving into Poland after Germany takes it?

I ask this, because in a recent game, I had an opponent not move into Poland and it seems that Russian mobilization is way higher than normal.

I know that conventional wisdom would be that this is bad for Russia, not moving into Poland, but I think it would depend on increased mobilization, but it also would depend on where Russian mobilization units show up when Russia is attacked. There is also the additional factor of increased mobilization from other axis moves before Barbarossa attack.


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RE: Russians don’t move into Poland

Post by BillRunacre »

Hi Scott

Invading Poland moves the USSR by 5% towards the Axis, so it's not a massive swing.

I therefore suspect that something else must be going on in your game to account for a high Soviet mobilization.

Perhaps check the Strategy Guide to ensure you've got the right units in the east?
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RE: Russians don’t move into Poland

Post by arikogut »

If Germany occupies Lithuania in 1940(?) (action item), it massively helps the Russian MP (65 vs 220). Perhaps this is what caused it?
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