AI and Subs during ASuW or Sea control patrols

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AI and Subs during ASuW or Sea control patrols

Post by nukkxx5058 »

Hi, how do you think the AI is performing with subs in ASuW/Sea control missions ? Is it using all the techniques taught in the tutorials, like bottom profiling, hunting CZ contacts, etc. or not ?
Do you trust AI for such missions ? (I have multiplayer PBEM-IKE in mind when asking this)
Would appreciate your views/comments ...
Thank you
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RE: AI and Subs during ASuW or Sea control patrols

Post by stww2 »

Whether or not you should trust the sub AI depends on what you want the subs to do. When assigned to ASuW/Sea Control missions, as far as I have been able to observe, a sub will go about its patrol area until it detects (or learns of a detection from another unit) a target within its patrol zone or prosecution zone (depending on the mission settings), at which it will plot an intercept point to engage that target and will release weapons per doctrine and WRA settings. It will only vary depth to recharge its batteries (if a diesel electric) or to dive if it's at periscope depth and a threat is detected (depending on doctrine settings). If that is all you want the AI to do, then you can certainly trust it.

If you want the AI to use any more advanced tactics (presumably the sort taught in the sub tutorials), then probably not.
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RE: AI and Subs during ASuW or Sea control patrols

Post by Tcao »

Depends on the parameters setting.

regarding the CZ contacts, it depends on "attack distance" , if you set it as default (which means unlimited range, as long as the target is in the persecute zone) it will hunt for this target. Set the attack distance to 10nm while the CZ contact is 30nm away, then it will ignore that

Use the layer will need you to set the patrol depth for en route/on station/attack
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RE: AI and Subs during ASuW or Sea control patrols

Post by Jorge_Stanbury »

If I want to set an AI submarine to do "bottom profiling" for a surprise attack... would this work?

- submarine positioned on a choke point,
- submarine set at speed = 0 , depth = as deep as possible, with sea floor above test depth
- mission: NAVAL ASuW STRIKE
- Mission Trigger Options: Hostile
- maximum distance: set to a reasonable close range for torpedo ambush

the idea here is to have a less capable but quiet (diesel) submarine on a choke point waiting in ambush, and then only attack if the chances of success are good
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