Help... Ally contacts not showing hostile

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Help... Ally contacts not showing hostile

Post by cwemyss »

What am I missing? I've got two sides, PACAF Support and PACAF Thuds. Both have an exclusion zone labeling all contacts in N Vietnam as Hostile. Contacts that are only held by "Support" are showing as unknown (yellow) though the message log shows them having been designated Hostile... all the gun radars the RB-66s are picking up in the attached save.

I originally built the scenario with a few NVA sides, one for ground radars, one for NVAF, and several for various gun zones. I was seeing the same behavior so I went simple and just shoved them together into a single NVA side.

Also... sorry to be gone for ~5 years, and immediately come back with two bug reports/requests for help. Kinda crappy behavior, I know!
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RE: Help... Ally contacts not showing hostile

Post by boogabooga »

I looked at this, and I agree that there is a bug (or possibly just WAD but unexpected behavior).

However, from a mission-building perspective, if the process of identifying neutral units is not important and both sides can safely assume that anything unknown over enemy territory is hostile, then you should set the player's side Awareness Level to AutoSideID and do away with the exclusion zones.
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