Lua script for changing points

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Lua script for changing points

Post by AdmiralSteve »

I'm wanting to create a Special Action but I'm preferring a Lua script that can add/deduct points and be placed within the Special Action and thought that their was a script awhile ago but can't seem to locate it. Any ideas?

Thanks, Steve
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RE: Lua script for changing points

Post by KLAB »

This works from one of my special action scripts but as ever there is probably a cleverer way of doing it, [:D]

a=ScenEdit_GetScore("Side A")
ScenEdit_SetScore('Side A',(a-4000),'-4000 Points for whatever')

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RE: Lua script for changing points

Post by Kushan04 »

No need to assign the side as a variable unless you really need to.

ScenEdit_SetScore('YourSideHere', NumberOfPointsHere, 'ReasonHere')

ScenEdit_SetScore('USA', 1000, 'You destroyed something')

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RE: Lua script for changing points

Post by KnightHawk75 »

see the example at the bottom of the function specs (though it doesn't need the tonumber() around it).
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