Finer model role control and OOB autoreplenishment

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Finer model role control and OOB autoreplenishment

Post by Felius »

Some unit roles in the game have more than one model that can do it, while at the same time there are some models that can take more than one role. It'd be nice if you could get better control of what a given model is classified, more than just by messing around with the quality levels of the model.

To be more specific: Tanks and Foot Machine Guns. It something of a micromanagement PITA to try to use the same "class" of tank with models for both anti-armor and anti-infantry roles. The game doesn't much care when it auto replenishes a given unit and just throw the units of the designated quality at it, which means that if you want to have multiple tanks of the same weight class you gotta micromanage their deployment to get the right type to the right place.

Similarly but from the opposite direction, machine guns: Sometimes you are ok with using normal and quad machine guns interchangeably. But there are times where you'd rather have only one or the other, without having to play with quality levels (specially as non independent MG formations also includes normal infantry).

It'd be nice if you could flag a given model that the game considers the same type of model with a non-quality modifier while at the same time being able to set preferences for those on deployed formations.
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RE: Finer model role control and OOB autoreplenishment

Post by zgrssd »

It might be working around the issue to some degree, but most people seem to use only light-tanks as anti-infantry.
A 60mm howitzer has a 100% callibre modifier up tp Advanced Combat armor.

While a Anti-Tank tank needs the biggest callibre possible and the 60mm light tank gun will not cut it. So you go for medium or heavy tanks either way.
Or just outright for advanced or Nuclear RPG's (as High Velocity guns are inherently a dead end of miltiary history).
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RE: Finer model role control and OOB autoreplenishment

Post by Elver »

Personally, I'm very fond of attaching mechanized quad machinegun tanks to light armor formations - it's always felt to me like those are more effective than howitzer light armor. That doesn't change the fact that this is a work-around that requires some advanced tech, though.
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RE: Finer model role control and OOB autoreplenishment

Post by postfux »

In the moment the games does not encourage different models of the same class. Should this change one day it would be great to define the OOBs so that a certain model will be used. For me the game would gain alot with such a system.

Right now I see not much reason to have more than one model of the same class at the same time.
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