Campaign mode

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Campaign mode

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Hello, sorry for my english.
I am big fan of board wargames and TBS, i think it already was same suggetion, but - how about big campaign for reunite empire or just conquest new planets. Like in old game "Emperor of fading suns" were player can conquest other planets with space fleet and interplanetary logistic expand own empire.

In one thing - where i can see all unit stats/strategm cards effects (mb wiki?) Because game manual is not full.
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RE: Campaign mode

Post by postfux »

Planning and sustaining an invasion in EoFS was one of the thing that made this game great. You can get it in GOG by the way.

In the manual you can find who produces which strats and for further information you can find a lot of useful information on steam or in this forum (sticky thread on mian page).
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