Axis Naval Supply Black Sea

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Axis Naval Supply Black Sea

Post by Mehring »

Has this been deliberately nerfed in a patch? I can't get any supply at all to flow to Constanta at any priority level, and set to export, Odessa wont ship out anything either.
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RE: Axis Naval Supply Black Sea

Post by Joel Billings »

Not intentionally, but now that you mention it I see the same thing in my test games. Have put it on the bug list. thanks for the report.
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RE: Axis Naval Supply Black Sea

Post by Seminole »

Ladoga ports acting wonky too.
My export port/depots just refuse to pull any supplies.
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RE: Axis Naval Supply Black Sea

Post by Kronolog »

The ports in the Baltic sea have the same issue. A work around is to put a FBD/NKPS on an import port, wait for it to fill up and then change it to an export port.
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