NF11 Changing the guard bug

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NF11 Changing the guard bug

Post by Schr75 »

Hi Gunner98


I just replayed NF11 and I noticed a bug that might not have been there before.
I know this is an old scen and I played it in the latest internal Beta, but this should also affect the latest public release.

The trigger "LR Avn Complete in marshaling area" that launches the Backfire raid is set to trigger when a specific Blinder enters the marshalling area.

The problem is that it will never enter the area as it is just circling the area with the rest of the strike force.
I think that you need to set a different area for this specific unit to enter, to trigger the raid.

Hope this makes sense.

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RE: NF11 Changing the guard bug

Post by Gunner98 »

Thanks Søren

Will fix.
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