All Polish players, look here

This new stand alone release based on the legendary War in the Pacific from 2 by 3 Games adds significant improvements and changes to enhance game play, improve realism, and increase historical accuracy. With dozens of new features, new art, and engine improvements, War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition brings you the most realistic and immersive WWII Pacific Theater wargame ever!

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All Polish players, look here

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Discord for Polish speakers playing WITPAE / Discord dla Polskich graczy WITPAE

Tutorial film series about all topics / Poradniki filmowe o calej grze: ... ewuJ3iDGzJ

I was thinking of making a tutorial series in English also, as there is interest in this game but people are scared of the "grognardness" of it. When in reality the game is relatively easy to understand and intuitive.
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War in the Pacific Poradnik po Polsku

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RE: All Polish players, look here

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I have some new staff/ trochę nowego tematu

How install game and mod /jak sobie zainstalować grę

And polish manual (in progress) / Podręcznik w języku polskim ... 706751421/
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