Learn techs after conquering zones using them

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Learn techs after conquering zones using them

Post by Rodia »

Just an example: I conquered a zone that had level 2 solar panels and the Science Council finally knew of that technology like 50 turns after that.

Some tech wisdom should be inherited by conquest, specially the most obvious. Military blueprints can be destroyed in the face of imminent defeat, but other things like working solar panels and other big structures don't.

And by inherit I don't mean full research, but at least to know that those technologies exist, specially when the Council has a working example to study.

Sorry if this is already in the beta.
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RE: Learn techs after conquering zones using them

Post by zgrssd »

There is nothing in the beta along those lines. But it might happen to rarely to realy be something people think about.

The logical step would be to set the technology to "Discovered". As you quite literlly "Discovered" how this might work.
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