Combat MIssion on Steam ??

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Freyr Oakenshield
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Combat MIssion on Steam ??

Post by Freyr Oakenshield »

Do you know if there are plans to release the CM WW2 titles on Steam?
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RE: Combat MIssion on Steam ??

Post by OldSarge »

WW2 CM Titles

It has been asked and apparently BattleFront has stated they have plans for doing just that, but the schedule hasn't been made public just yet.

There may be more about this after CMCW is released.

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RE: Combat MIssion on Steam ??

Post by Lobster »

Evidently the plan is to move all CM titles to Matrix/Slitherine and Steam. Likely will be very good for sales.

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Alan Sharif
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RE: Combat MIssion on Steam ??

Post by Alan Sharif »

I do hope so. I will finally be able to purchase them.
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RE: Combat MIssion on Steam ??

Post by demyansk »

I would like the Afghan title
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