Load cost of Airgroups for Air Transport

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Load cost of Airgroups for Air Transport

Post by 12doze12 »

I couldn't find anything in the forum about how much Cargo Load does each aircraft type costs when transporting air groups with ships that pack them, such as an xAK, unlike CVE or AKV which transport them intact.

So I did some testing and apparently, the logic of the cost is the same as the supply point cost for air unit replacements. So the multipliers are as follows:

• 12 Cargo Load Cost for fighter, fighter bomber
• 15 Cargo Load Cost for dive bomber, torpedo bomber, float plane, float fighter
• 18 Cargo Load Cost for night fighter, recon
• 30 Cargo Load Cost for heavy bomber, medium bomber, light bomber, attack bomber, transport, patrol

Note that the load cost is: (Serviceable + Unserviceable + Reserve) * Multiplier
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RE: Load cost of Airgroups for Air Transport

Post by Kull »

ORIGINAL: 12doze12

So I did some testing

Nicely done! It's always cool to see the results of an interesting test.
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