What did you get JTS Summer Sale?

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What did you get JTS Summer Sale?

Post by rommel222 »

Greetings to All,
I took advantage of the John Tiller Software sale to get WW 1 France 1914, East Prussia 1914 & Serbia 1914.
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Freyr Oakenshield
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RE: What did you get JTS Summer Sale?

Post by Freyr Oakenshield »

Battles of Kursk - Southern Flank
Market-Garden '44


Kharkov '42
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RE: What did you get JTS Summer Sale?

Post by OldSarge »

I picked up Battles of Normandy. My first foray into the Panzer Battle series, so far I'm liking it.
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RE: What did you get JTS Summer Sale?

Post by Zovs »

I picked up 31 titles I believe.

Panzer Campaigns
Budapest ’45 Gold
El Alamein ’42 Gold
France ’40 Gold
Kharkov ’42 Gold
Korsun ’44 Gold
Market-Garden ’44 Gold
Minsk ’44 Gold
Moscow ’41 Gold
Rzhev ’42 Gold
Sicily ’43 Gold
Smolensk ’41 Gold
Stalingrad ’42 Gold
Tobruk ’41 Gold

Campaign 1814
Campaign Austerlitz
Campaign Eckmuhl
Campaign Eylau-Friedland
Campaign Jena-Auerstedt
Campaign Liepzig
Campaign Wagram
Campaign Waterloo
Napoleon’s Russian Campaign

Civil War
Campaign Antietam
Campaign Chancellorsville
Campaign Chickamauga
Campaign Corinth
Campaign Gettysburg
Campaign Peninsula
Campaign Petersburg
Campaign Shenandoah
Campaign Shiloh
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RE: What did you get JTS Summer Sale?

Post by Rosseau »

Wow Zovs! I hope others did likewise, as strong sales would sort of be a tribute to John Tiller's passing.

Having more than I have time to play, I am holding off for the upcoming Panzer Battles: Moscow '41 title. That is surely my favorite series, as it allows one to edit databases like Squad Battles games.

Best wishes.
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RE: What did you get JTS Summer Sale?

Post by Bamilus »

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