Spain as an Axis Minor

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Spain as an Axis Minor

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In one of my games I'm playing the axis and have adventured in England.

After taking Plymouth and Southampton I took both London and then Liverpool on the same turn and this appears to have blocked Spain from joining the axis (at 95%).

Is this intended? In retrospect I should have waited to take Liverpool to ensure Spain as a minor however when I took both cities the USA was neutral.

It seems to be a timing issue when either the USA or Spain test is done at the start or end of a sides turn.

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RE: Spain as an Axis Minor

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I just ran a test in the 1941 scenario and Spain joined the Allies with no issues.

On occasion your timing could be off because the USA status is too high and yes Spain would not join because the USA is Allied.

Consider if the USA says "If Germany occupies London we are declaring war on Germany!!!". Would you join Germany as an Axis?
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