[1.09.05] City Assets wont turn back on

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[1.09.05] City Assets wont turn back on

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Hello, this may not be an actual bug but so far it defies explanation.

My city of Pyrocrest has shut off all its QOL assets. There is enough population to fill it and have been for at least 2-3 turns and I am 90% sure the city always had enough to fill it. The city has plenty of private funds and income. The city is losing happiness and QOL levels due to these being off. The strat card zoo and commercial zone assets are still active (they use 100 people instead of 1000, so it makes sense if it were a pop issue). The city does have a huge food shortage, but is being fed consistently with public food. There are two private lvl 1 dome farms, one in the city, one getting 50%-75% logistic points a few tiles away due to logistic issues. Why wont they turn back on? In any case other cities with constant worker shortages never deactivate them. What is going on?

Edit: updated to say there is plenty of surplus population in addition to actual workers.

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RE: [1.09.05] City Assets wont turn back on

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To be sure : by "workers" you mean non-employed population ?
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