Basic supply and recovery formula

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Basic supply and recovery formula

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Hi Alvaro,

I assumed that I understood basic supply properly and that one would be limited to a max of 3% recovery (or lower if the normal formula would still make it lower).

But during a discussion with friends, I went to check the wording in the manual. From the wording it seems that the whole formula applies, but just the base recovery is reduced from 6% to 3%. If that is correct, since most of the recovery comes not from the base but from map level and HQ, it would make almost no difference in practice (except for the no replacements part of course). Most of the time the difference would be symbolic at 1% or 2%. I understand that basic supply should still be good enough to leave a unit in fighting condition for a while (and I agree). But if only the base is reduced, once the formula is applied, there is almost no difference between basic and normal.

For example, if we take your own example you made with the 6th US Corps (p. 55), the same unit in basic supply would recover 10% instead of… 11% in normal supply. Why not make it simpler and just apply a straight penalty such as half (or whatever deemed ok) of what you would normally get under normal circumstances?

Unless of course, I misunderstood the way it works.
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