Historical Project Phase I

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Historical Project Phase I

Post by stjeand »

I have finished phase 1 and have posted it.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

Below is a list of the most significant changes.

1) Japanese LCs now arrive in phases rather than starting with 200. I
This simulates the Japanese ability to land in waves...I actually enjoyed it but you have to be careful you don't use up all your LC when you need to take port A before you take port B...
Shipborne supply will be very important.

2) DEI...to take the DEI is much more extensive now.
a) The Japanese player must capture Borneo, both British and Dutch, Manila, and Singaport for the DEI ports to be in supply
b) The DEI now has 3 locations that must be captures...Batvia, Surabaya, Palembang.
c) Changed starting manpower to 1...otherwise the UK and US will send them PP and they will build up.
d) Initial tests show it should not fall until February 42.

3) The Japanese can not get supply to any port in India until all ports between Singapore and India are captured. This is to simulate the route their supply ships would take...this includes the DEI and the city of Daca (for the rail resources). LAND supply will still work but will only go so far. KEEP IN MIND you must hold all these ports or supply will be broken.

4) Eastern Australia ports will not be in supply until the Japanese have taken all of New Guinea and all of the Solomon islands including New Caledonia, again to simulate the route that the supply ships will take. ONCE supply is available in Australia the Japanese must take the northern most port (Cairns) and work their way south. They can not skip to Brisbane for example and be in supply. KEEP IN MIND you must hold these ports or supply will broken.

5) Western Australia ports will not be in supply until the Japanese have capture all of the DEI. ONCE supply is available in Western Australia you just take the northern most port (Dili) and work your way down. The Japanese can not skip a port and be in supply
AGAIN you must hold all the ports to keep the supply line running.

6) Wake island is now a VP location...The unit was weakened just a bit so that a 5 STR Division can take it...If you wait after turn 1 I can't say it will be as easy.

7) All Japanese starting Divisions (at sea, less the one by Manchuria) and Marines where changed to STR 5. This was done so that the Japanese can perform more invasions due to LC limits. The Japanese army by Formosa was moved into port. 2 Japanese Marines at sea by the DEI / Borneo were moved into port but left on their transports. This allows the Japanese player with some options, just with less units on turn 1.

8) 2 Marines and 2 Divisions were added to the Japanese deployment queue for release just before the invasion of the DEI. They are full strength units.

9) New Zealand supply follows the same process as Eastern Australia

Future Changes

1) DEI has an issue where they are give the UK all their oil. That creates an imbalance if they were expected to fall early in the game...the UK will have 100% oil before the end of January. I may just put in a -X oil per turn to fix that...until the DEI fall. Will wait to see how much imbalance it creates.
2) Armored Divisions...Corps work on huge land masses...NOT in the Pacific. Will be changing them to divisions after some testing.
3) Will update all the scenario text in the game.

This game should work fine using the Allied AI...since nothing overall was changed for the Allies, outside of the DEI.

BUT the game is really built for PBEM.


(I am on vacation until 6/23 with limited if any internet and just wanted to get this out.)


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RE: Historical Project Phase I

Post by FirstPappy »

Alvaro didn't leave on vacation when 1.2 was released [:-]
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RE: Historical Project Phase I

Post by stjeand »

Well Al gets paid the big bucks...

I get paid...wait...paid?
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RE: Historical Project Phase I

Post by kennonlightfoot »

Played out the scenario as Axis against Allied AI.

I went past turn 14 (June 7th) but the AI doesn't handle US entry very well so I doubt results after that are meaniful.

You probably need to list by name or location of hexes needed to be taken to open Australia's ports to the Japanese. Took be a while to figure out I needed to include Fiji.

Fiji and Manuae require army size units to be taken. This is a problem in Ver. .02 since it has the error requiring 60 Landing Ships to make an invasion with them. But I was still able to make enough LS's to do the job.

Dec 7 turn - definitely limited having only 20 LS's. I use them to take Wake because it is now a Victory hex and to clear Rabaul (can't occupy this turn but next) so the CV fleet can go there to refuel. Also took the Philippine port of Aparri so I cold move units in without using LS.

Dec 21 turn - with an additional 30 LS the Japanese begin to run wild. Using the understrength units to capture 8 or 9 small undefended islands and ports including Lae. Landed two armies plus an HQ in the Philippines using using Aparri port so it would use LS.

Jan 4 turn - another 30 LS. Made landings in Borneo, DEI, and Australia to secure ports for future units.

Jan 18 turn - Only 20 LS. Took Rangoon, secured all the Borneo oil fields and ports. Now have two ports in Australia.

Feb 1 turn - Another 20 LS. Took more ports in Australia and more Islands.

This is when the AI started showing problems handling the situation. I am using DD to provide supplies to the now three ports in Australia I control. The AI tried to stop this with the UK navy. While they got a DD, the Japanese main CV fleet wiped them out.

Feb 15 turn - Port Mosby taken. Manila taken. In India the Japanese advance has reached Chittagons which is captured. The Philippines surrenders. I took a couple of their other ports so I wouldn't have chase the US unit and air units. Manila itself was taken by the two armies I landed earlier just fighting their way from the east to the west.

Mar 1 turn - Landed an army and took Naumea. The first US unit shows up in Australia, Air Unit.

Second observation on how the AI is handling things. The only units it sends to Australia from the US are air units. No infantry or ships. It doesn't seem to know what to do with the infantry once its scripting is undone.

Mar 15 turn - Bisbane is taken. The Japanese get their first production Landing Ships. They now have 70 for this turn.

Mar 29 turn - Batavia is taken by two armies that marched down the length of the island. The DEI surrenders. Japanese oil increases to 65 per turn. Inventory is up to 186.

April 12 turn - Suva (Fiji) is taken by an army plus marine landings. The Australian port finally open to supplying the Japanese units there.

Apr 26 - With Australia in supply I start move Japanese armies into its Ports.

May 10 - All of Australia's eastern ports south to Bisbane in Japanese control

May 24 - Changsha taken in China.

At this time the AI did another UK fleet attack resulting in almost all of the UK navy now sunk. Still no sign of US ships or infantry.

I continue taking Australian ports. Sydney falls on Aug 16th.
In India Calcutta falls on Jul 19th turn. From there Japanese armies and divisions spread out to take the northern part of India. Delhi doesn't fall until Dec 28.

The main problem I see for the Allies isn't the lack of infantry but the inability to support them with the US CV's. This isn't just an AI problem. I haven't found a tactic for the US navy that isn't just an attack and hope you get lucky. As long as the Japanese don't have to really worry about US intervention they can't take all the South Pacific Islands and Australian ports.

This might change with the US getting its sixth CV June 19th but I doubt it. The Japanese by Jul 31 are fielding a full six CV stack and a six carrier stack made up of 2 CV's and 4 CVL's. Plus since they have all the major ports and island in the South Pacific they will have land based air to support them with. That is going to be a tough spot for the US to going sailing into. It is also something that can only be tested by players.

Here is the situation in Australia after Bisbane falls on Mar 15th.

Australia.jpg (79.18 KiB) Viewed 38 times
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RE: Historical Project Phase I

Post by Uxbridge »

I'm a bit interested to try this scenario. Kennon, would you like to play those 15 turns again vs me in PBEM? I'm due to start a major campaign with my usual opponent, but presently Europe is plagued by this thing called football, and he won't start play before that is over with. I have a week or so to spare for an experiment.
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RE: Historical Project Phase I

Post by stjeand »

Okay here are the port suppression rules in place.

1) DEI

FOR all DEI ports to be in normal port supply the Axis must own:

Manila, Balikpapan, Sarawak, Kuala Belait, Tarakan, Singapore.


For INDIA ports to be in normal port supply the Axis must own:

Batvia, Daca, Singapore, Rangoon, Kota Baharu, Bankok, Bandor Lampung, Moulmein, Port Blair, Chittagog

NOW this just puts Calcutta in normal supply

You must own all the above plus Calcutta to supply Colombo and/or Jaffra
You must own all the above plus Calcutta, Colombo and Jaffra to supply Madras
You must own all the above plus Calcutta, Colombo, Jaffra and Madras to supply Bombay.

3) Eastern Australia

For Eastern Australia ports to be in normal port supply the Axis must own:

Jayapura, Wewek, Port Moresby, Lae, Manus, Kavieng, Rabual, Milne Bay, Buin, Munda, Henderson Field, Namuga, Ndeni, Esprito Sando and Noumea

THIS just puts Cairns in supply.

Then you must take the ports in order moving down the coast to keep supply...

All the above plus Cairns to supply Townsville.
All the above plus Cairns and Townsville to supply Mackay

And so on...

Rock Hampton
New Castle
Port Augusta

4) Western Australia

For Western Australia ports to be in normal port supply the Axis must own:

Dili, Ambon, Manado, Makassar, Surabaya, Weda, Sorong, Batvia, Singapore, Bandar Lampung

That will put Carnarvon in supply

All above plus Carnarvon to supply Geraldton
All above plus Carnarvon and Geraldton to supply Perth
All above plus Carnarvon, Geraldton and Perth to supply Burnbury
All above plus Carnarvon, Geraldton, Perth and Burnbury to supply Albany

5) Northern Canada

For Northern Australia ports to be in normal port supply the Axis must own:

Dili, Ambon, Manado, Makassar, Surabaya, Weda, Sorong

TO put Darwin and Derby in supply

It appears I missed Normanton...not that it matters but would have to see....

Hope this helps.

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