Airbases store ammo or ammo storage/bomber tweaks

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Airbases store ammo or ammo storage/bomber tweaks

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Currently, large bombers require an extreme amount of ammunition to field per round, more than can be stored in any but the largest zones and hardly for over a turn. While it makes sense for nukes to be way more efficient pound-for-pound, I think this is a case of a later-game tech - for you aren't fielding ginormous bombers early in the game, after all - being accidentally less useful than intended.

I suggest either ammo consumption values be tweaked for upcoming balance passes, or,
Ammo Storage can be either built to Civ Level instead of Zone level, or
Ammo Storage can be built outside of Zones, or
Airbases can also store ammunition, or
Some different rule change that revamps bomber/aircraft resources entirely.

(Also, nuclear dumb bombs please before ICBMs. [:D])
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