I fear you got your table design backwards

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I fear you got your table design backwards

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The new Modding tools exposed how you are doing things. The game appears to be a database on the hood - just set up exactly the wrong way :)

Few things show that as well as the Planet Classes table I found.
Normally you would use the Planet Classes as the Rows of the table. Each planet type would be a row in the table.
Code that has to parse them - say the Planet Class Selection - would only need to do a partial select.

You used the Planet Classes as the Columns.
The way you set it up, you have to modify the backend and the parsing code, to add a new planet class.
What you used as the Description, should be the Columns.

Every piece of Database Designer in me tells me you should rework this. This is just going to end up biting you in the butt.
But the realist in me knows that would be way too much work to bother. At least you should try not to do that mistake with future tables :)
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