Support Units in Headquarters

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Support Units in Headquarters

Post by dereck »

If only 6 support units will be committed to a battle (under normal conditions) is there any reason to have more than 6 support units in any headquarters?
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RE: Support Units in Headquarters

Post by Q-Ball »

Construction Units aren't committed to combat, so would not figure in that 6-unit calculation. Maybe you want a couple extra for losses or depletion, but generally, you don't need more than 6 units

Soviets in particular may end up with more SUs than needed as the war progresses, so that is an area the Soviets can free up manpower and equipment
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RE: Support Units in Headquarters

Post by Laits »

It preserves your SU if you have to engage many battles. Instead of always using the same units (with the risk to deplete them quickly), you can engage them in a more sustainaible way. Don't forget, also, that in urban hexes you can commit more SU.
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