History Class

A military-oriented and sci-fi wargame, set on procedural planets with customizable factions and endless choices.

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History Class

Post by Dampfnudel »

I can not find information in the manual about History Class.

So what the different options exactly do?
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RE: History Class

Post by Zanotirn »

They give around 15 points to the corresponding profile at start. I think the -cracy one also affects your election system at start.
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RE: History Class

Post by BlueTemplar »

No, he's talking about the 2nd screen, the one about the Planet, with options like "Nemesis" and "Alien Life".

Those do have descriptions, but I guess Dampfnudel would like to have the exact math... which I don't think anyone figured out yet ?
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RE: History Class

Post by zgrssd »

Prior and without history class, the game is running a pure simulation.

For example, in order to get life you need:
- enough planet age (5+ Billion years)
- enough gravity to maintain a solid atmosphere
- enough actuall atmosphere
- enough water vapor
- the right temperature for liquid surface water

History class "Alien Life" ignores that. There is no realistic way that a 200 million year old, 0.1g moon would have alien life. It is wrong in every conceiveable measurement.
The history class ignores that and spwans alien life anyway, even if it has to go into unusual alien life to do so.
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