[need saves] Fighters ignoring rest order-flying patrol

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[need saves] Fighters ignoring rest order-flying patrol

Post by xhoel »

I have a feeling this is not WAD. I had fighters set on an AS mission only during the enemy turn. I set them to rest on my turn. When i flew a transport mission in the area, 40 fighters showed up.

So not only are they ignoring the rest order, they are also ignoring the AD which allows them to fly only during the enemy air phase. It is a server game but should be easy to recreate.
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RE: Fighters ignoring rest order-flying patrol

Post by Top(W.)Model »

I was about to make a post related to this, but maybe I should post this here since it could be related to your case. I have come to notice that combat display is always showing the Air HQ that is the closest to battle, even if none of the airgroups involved are under this HQ's command In this picture, the airgroups sent on patrol are from 239 IAD which is part of Novikov 6th air army, yet the combat display screen erroneously show them as part of Gromov 3rd air army (which is on rest and not involved in this fight).

The P-39/40 fighters shown here had been manually assigned to an AS AD I created and tell to fly during the axis air phase only, but I had not put them on rest so they ended up destroyed before that, which is indeed pretty annoying. I then reloaded my turn, put the 6th air army on rest, tried the same deliberate attack, and no patrol was flown.

This make me think you could have been mislead by the un-detailed battle resolution screen. On could reasonably expect the Air HQ shown on this screen to be the one in command of the airgroups involved in the actual battle, as it is the case for ground units, yet it dosent seem to be the case for airgroups. So, if you haven't check it already, you should maybe double check if your resting airgroups were actually involed in any action during the turn.

IMO, this is clearly showing that auto-interception is not working as stated in the game manual. Indeed, ''For a fighter air group to be eligible for auto intercept the following conditions must be met [...] The air group must not be manually assigned to a particular AD (it can be used by an AD using the auto assign routine). In order to intercept GS and/or provide CAP to a specific ground battle: It must be assigned to a GS AD itself supporting the ground HQ that controls the battle (23.11). Not be included in any AD apart from the GS mission'' [18.1.10]

I think it's clear that fighters assigned to AS duty are 1) ''on a AD apart from the GS mission'' that triggers auto-intercept patrols, 2) ''manualy assigned to a particular AD'' (i.e. air Superiority). Therefore it is also clear that, according to the manual at least, such aigroups should simnply not be able to fly patrol missions at all.

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RE: Fighters ignoring rest order-flying patrol

Post by Joel Billings »

Do you have any saves for the AS missions? This goes for both posts. Exactly how AS ADs are dealt with gets complicated because it involves Pavel's AS AD and Gary's move phase air code. It will likely take both to determine what's supposed to happen and make the changes to make it all work better.
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