Factories Expansion Rates and Build limits

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Factories Expansion Rates and Build limits

Post by JamesM »

I am not sure if this has been asked or explained before. I am playing the long campaign as the Soviets and in turn 9 and the production screen is a bit confusing. For example T-34 Chassis Expansion Rate = 0 and build limit = 0, while T34 M1941 expansion Rate = 0 and Build Limit = 170. The same cases with airframes and aircraft. With expansion rates in WitE2 all set to 0 will any factory expand it's production rate to approach the build limit?

This seems very different to WitE and WitW where you would have the factories would expand as per the expansion rate (most times 1 per turn)to the build limit.
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RE: Factories Expansion Rates and Build limits

Post by Denniss »

there are no build limits for chassis and airframes, factory sizes are set in data and may expand, change or relocate at speficied dates.
Build limit of vehicles/aircraft is the max import rate from chassis/airframes per turn if there are sufficient available.
There's also an overall maximum import (AKA production) for all vehicles/aircraft, this value will not be exceeded.
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