Looking for game with someone.

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Looking for game with someone.

Post by Sarcasmmm »

I'm avarage player with rich exprience in WITE 1 but haven't play a single MP game in WITE 2 yet.Looking for PBEM++,full fog,no air assistance,TOB player controlled(can be discussed),me playing for germans(can be discussed too but atleast I spent some time for them in single game).3 turns per week minimum from me.
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RE: Looking for game with someone.

Post by darbycmcd »

Hello there,

I would be interested in taking the Soviet side. I am similar to what you wrote, some experience with the first game but not had the chance at a PBEM for #2 yet. I am not interested in wringing every advantage out of the game, I like to be competitive but feel like we are in it together, we would both be exploring the game a bit. And I do play somwewhat historically, so that means sometimes very inefficiently! 3 or 4 turns a week should be no problem most weeks.

Let me know if interested


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RE: Looking for game with someone.

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You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life
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