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Scenario Help

Post by Belthorian »

I am modernizing Operation Brass Drum to take place in 2027 in Which Iran has heavily modernized its forces through arms purchases from China and Russia. I am also updating the US order of battle and I want to add the AIM-260 and its capabilities to my aircraft but I can't figure out how to add a weapon record like you can with ships. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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RE: Scenario Help

Post by cdnice »

Hey there,

You are limited to the loadouts and their weapons/etc. that are in the database. You cannot edit planes the way you can ships and subs.

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RE: Scenario Help

Post by TempestII »

The latest DB has most US jets with AIM-260 JATM Loadouts by the 2023 time frame. It's possible that Op Brass Drum was built when the JATM wasn't in game. If so, I think you'll have to do a rebuild on the scenario to update it.
Alternatively, you can use the AIM-152B - from what I gather, it's not as effective against VLO targets, but it does have a longer range.
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RE: Scenario Help

Post by tylerblakebrandon »

Angster added Sparrows to the Frisbees for the RSR Operation Dreamland scenario they made. Haven't played it in a while but they may not have been able to reload after the first flight. ... age=2&key=
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RE: Scenario Help

Post by temkc5 »

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RE: Scenario Help

Post by KnightHawk75 »

You are limited to the loadouts and their weapons/etc. that are in the database. You cannot edit planes the way you can ships and subs.

It can be either done using loadout swaps, or even using mounts on aircraft just like ships\subs\facilities and ground units. However the latter (mounts) can get into some more complex issues that often needed to be compensated for with more scripting than the avg person will want to do when it comes to reloading and proper fuel usage if some of realism is to be maintained. More so still if AI or 'mission controlled' units are involved. I mention some of those topics in the link temkc5 provided, but there are others.

A more extreme example with mounts and loadouts for a mythical b1-b sample:
fb.asp?m=4936126 (post #9)

This script might be handy to do lots of work for you if updating lots of aircraft and loadouts in an existing scene to something different. see: fb.asp?m=4908508 (post 6)

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