Fortification Unit Strategy - for Axis

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Fortification Unit Strategy - for Axis

Post by Bamilus »

It's June 1942 in my game and I'm swimming in AP. I've replaced every general (except Halder, basically) and I'm starting to think of building some fort units in anticipation of 1942 winter. The winter front lines are far from being established, but there's some keys areas I could build fort units with now. I was wondering if anyone had advice for Axis in general on these units. Some thoughts I have are:

1. How early do you need to build them (to give them time to get supply)?
2. Should you build them only in advantageous terrain?
3. Is it better to build them behind your lines to act as a fall back so you can retreat into fortified areas if your front lines get penetrated?
4. Is there any reason to ever mess with their TOE % (I think it defaults to 50)?

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RE: Fortification Unit Strategy - for Axis

Post by loki100 »

one generic thing - they need to be able to take on replacements so really only function close to depots where you already meet the other freight demands. You want the TOE as close to 100 as you can.

I got badly caught out in my pre-release AAR as I set up a cluster to the south of Stalingrad and by the time the Germans arrived they'd built about 10% of a level 1 fort.

Other (related) issue, to go from fort 1-2 takes a lot of supply, worse 2-3, so again factor that into any deployment ideas
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