Underwater Wave

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Underwater Wave

Post by elxaime »

I had no idea such things existed, but one may have doomed the Indonesian submarine.

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/un ... d=msedgdhp
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RE: Underwater Wave

Post by kevinkins »

Have to keep an eye on this theory. I never heard of this too. Sound travels through water very efficiently. But does any mass of water move in such a way below sea level to the extent it could sink a sub?

Found this today ... might be a little known but real phenomenon:

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-30/ ... /100102816
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RE: Underwater Wave

Post by BDukes »

Interesting stuff from the perspective that places with noisy currents noise might be good places to hide.

Those subs were upgraded not too long about but definitely aren't spring chickens. My money is some sort of critical failure. Dangerous business this.

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RE: Underwater Wave

Post by KungPao »

Back in 2014, PLAN almost lost a Kilo to underwater wave. The boat dropped 300m in 8 min. Thanks to the crew's quick reaction and luck the Kilo Yuan Zheng 72 (372) survived but the hull was damaged.

Sorry, the report is in Chinese
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RE: Underwater Wave

Post by BeirutDude »

Kelvin Waves, actually well known for a long time. I when I was on active duty had heard of subs seriously knocked around by them, but never a loss to one. That said, Indonesia is one of the most tectonically active areas on the planet. People talk about a Yellowstone super eruption, but if it were to actually happen Indonesia is most likely. Tambora in 1815 was a 7 on the 1-8 Volcanic Explosive Index (VEI), and caused the "Year without a summer in 1816."
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