Malta and the blockade under .10

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Malta and the blockade under .10

Post by sillyflower »

Has now become impossible to hold (not even worth trying to) because of the blockade rule, so the axis get it as a freebie (if you use a para to occupy it) or am I missing something? This doesn't seem right to me. Gibraltar does not have the same problem. Furthermore, I do not understand the logic of applying the blockade rule to Malta and not other 1 hex islands like Rhodes.
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RE: Malta and the blockade under .10

Post by AlvaroSousa »

I did consider Rhodes but I also looked at a real map. Rhodes has at least 3x the area and is surrounded by smaller islands which makes it easier to bring in supplies. Thus why I didn't include Rhodes on the blockade.

Malta can be supplied by naval. You move in a fleet and supply by sea with offshore supply.

BUT in truth the Axis could have taken the island fairly easily with a commitment of air power. They were going to do. I think it was stopped because Kesselring wanted to halt the offensive in North Africa till they did and Rommel convinced Hitler otherwise. Not sure so don't quote me.

But they put 600 planes there. The UK fleet couldn't stop them from landing and resupplying. You can also do it via air transport if you have a close enough base. You can also capture Tunis and run night mission supply to the island. Lot's of ways to defend it.
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